Friday, April 13, 2007

Mutual Corruption Society

I was talking to a friend on IM today. During our conversation we touched on the fact that we've both become corrupt. I take that back. The entire conversation was centered around our mutual corruption. Please take into account that this was not all we talked about. Also notice how we relate children's stories to our lives.

This has been edited to protect all involved parties.

friend: so, I found some three leaf clovers the other day and it made me so happy because
I can never find them on this side of Oregon
they were growing in my back yard
along with some dandelions
which are also normally rare here
now all I need to make my comfort zone here complete is daisies
me:. . . I . . .um . . .
friend: :D
Mary is now speechless
me: . . . yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhh
OK, I need to be normal, that just made me think of something I shouldn't have
friend: what?
me: well
friend: yes
me: stretching out yeah to that, made me think of Ye-Haw
friend: which is?
me: which made me think of cowboys
Can't . . . breathe . . . laughing . . . too . . . hard . . .
friend: wow
cowboys remind me of horses and unless you are recalling an especially fun time you had
falling off of a horse, I don't follow that last track on your train of thought
me: huh?
friend: cowboys?
me: what?
like why cowboys make me laugh?
friend: yes
me: oh, pictures on facebook
friend: ah ha ha
got ya
uh huh, yes
quite understandable when the cowboy happens to be sporting the emperor's best
me: you know it
probably better than the emperor's best
friend: depending on the emperor
me: considering I've always thought of the emperor as an old man
a fat old man
friend: he could have been an especially stupid jock of an emperor
what about that?
me: well, maybe
but in our case he knew he was practically naked, therefore still better, if only on the
intelligence factor
this isn't helping
I'm racking up more bad karma
friend: maybe they just messed up the story and being oblivious was his excuse for his attire

Perhaps this would be more understandable if I were to include an example of what we are talking about. This is not going to happen so I will just explain. A very interesting friend of mine borrowed a cowboy hat to use as part of his disguise during a ward activity. He dressed up in jeans and red Texas t-shirt and this hat. (We were playing Where's Waldo in the Provo Towne Centre, and he was one of the people we needed to find). At any rate, later on when left to his own devices he got the brilliant idea of dressing up as the Naked Cowboy from Manhattan. For those of you that don't know the Naked Cowboy is a guy that goes around wearing nothing but cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and briefs. He carries a guitar. My friend plays guitar. He also plays water polo on the intramural team.

At any rate, this friend has very little shame. He dressed up like the Naked Cowboy, wearing boots, a hat, and a yellow speedo. He then got some friends to take pictures of him dressed this way. One of those pictures is now his profile pic on Facebook. Needless to say I was quite startled to get on Facebook one morning and be greeted with four or so pictures with a caption saying "____ has been tagged in four pictures." That is what we were referring to in our conversation.

I have been corrupted. I came to BYU, this nice, safe, Mormon school, and I've become corrupted. Very little that anyone could say or do would shock me now. That is all.

On a side note. I talked to another friend today and she said, "your life is like a real live drama." I told her it was more like a tragicomedy. The bad end unhappily, the good end unluckily, and it's all played off for laughs for those observing. Yes, yes, I know. Sad, but true.

me: with friends like you who needs enemies?
friend: like I said, this is a mutual corruption society

I need to write on here way more often.