Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chocolate Covered Tomatoes

I went to the doctor this week. It's the first time in ages that I have a primary care physician. Am I a slacker or what? Granted, I've only had the inclination to go to the doctor about twice in the last year, but still.

He doesn't think Fred is what I've always thought it was. This is shocking. For three years I've thought I knew what was going on, and it turns out the odds of that being true are incredibly slim. Case in point is that almost every case of duidinitis is caused be the H. pylori bacteria. Which I seem to lack (this is good??). At any rate, my doctor told me I can't eat chocolate or tomatoes for a month.

And I was beginning to think he was a nice guy!

Initially, I was sadder about the chocolate, because seriously? I am a chocoholic. But it's the no tomatoes thing that is making me most sad. I've even dreamed about eating tomatoes the last couple nights. :( You can kind of see exactly how I feel here right when the time counter reads 3:03. (Brian Regan is great, he's absolutely hilarious and his humor is really clean.

Sad face.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


So yeah. I need to write on here way more often. The thing is stuff happens that would be good to write about but I don't ever feel like I have time to get on here and record it.

So here goes:

I started working at Target a couple months ago. I needed a job super bad, so I got stuck working the super early morning shift. For a night owl, 4am is a really terrible time to have to be coherent. The work itself wasn't so bad though, just stocking shelves and my supervisor was cool. But my trainer? Pretty much evil.

I'm not joking. The worst part was that she was deceptively nice when I first started. I also had to deal with the return of Fred (I don't think I've mentioned this on here, so quick update. Fred is my "ulcer." Really he is just an inflammation, but he sucks so much I can't even tell you. He's even more evil in the morning so he got along with work just dandily). His most recent attack resulted in my leaving work early a couple days and a visit to the doctor to destroy him once and for all. After getting back to work though, it was like this crazy transformation had occurred and my trainer had become this scary woman! The expectation was that once you'd been there for a week you had better be pro, or else. I celebrated every time I was in a different section of the store.

After about a month of this my availability changed because of the start of my Pharmacy Tech program, and I'm now working as a cashier. More on this later.

I've been in my pharm tech program for 4 weeks now, only 11 to go. Everything is going so perfectly as far as this is concerned it's just awesome. I've got my license to be a tech in Oregon, so Target is switching me over to the pharmacy pretty soon. Hurray! I'm going to be the only person in my program that is getting paid for my cooperative work experience.

My only complaints about my program are my math class and that one person that everyone always has in every class that has to talk and ask questions incessantly. My math class sucks because I've been through calculus. I don't want to sit in a two hour class to "learn" about proportions and unit multipliers. Give me a line to rotate around an axis or something! Please!

Then there's this person. Now most people don't have to deal with the SAME person in every class, so they are just minorly annoyed with each individual inquisitive idiot. But here the natives are getting restless. There are 24 people in my program and we go through classes as a cohort. We are slowly beginning to loathe every moment this person is talking. I feel kind of bad for her, but she is seriously so annoying. Can't she just save her random non-related questions for after the class?

I really, really like my job. As a cashier I have to deal with all the stupid people. But the majority aren't that bad. The people I can't stand are the ones that do something stupid and then think I'm the idiot for not being able to fix their mistake. I'm sorry, but if you pay with your credit card first there is nothing I can do about you not being able to use your gift card. I can't undo your credit card transaction, so don't look at me like I'm a moron when I send you to guest services. The other people that bug me are the ones that stand there while I bag their purchases and then decided that they don't need a bag and then unbag the stuff and leave the bags. Thanks. I will now throw these away because reusing them is a bigger pain than it's worth. It especially bugs me if you say something about trees or resources while you do this. Take it home and recycle it, or tell me not to bag it in the first place. I can't read minds. Then there are the people that act all offended if I don't have the store memorized. I'm a cashier. Yes, I've been in stocking too, but you don't know that. I can tell you if we carry a baby food flavor, or a certain brand of diapers, but considering that's where I spent most of my time stocking, I can't tell you much else. There are people on the floor to answer these questions.

I've rediscovered the library. I've got a hold list about 20 books long and I've got about a dozen checked out. It makes me feel like a nerd, but it gives me something to talk about when I'm reading a different book every day in class. The bad thing is that when these are all read there's about a million more I want to read. Me in a library or a bookstore is worse than a kid in a candy shop.

This added to my new church responsibilities as education counselor pretty much sums my life up. All in all, it's going pretty well.