Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chocolate Covered Tomatoes

I went to the doctor this week. It's the first time in ages that I have a primary care physician. Am I a slacker or what? Granted, I've only had the inclination to go to the doctor about twice in the last year, but still.

He doesn't think Fred is what I've always thought it was. This is shocking. For three years I've thought I knew what was going on, and it turns out the odds of that being true are incredibly slim. Case in point is that almost every case of duidinitis is caused be the H. pylori bacteria. Which I seem to lack (this is good??). At any rate, my doctor told me I can't eat chocolate or tomatoes for a month.

And I was beginning to think he was a nice guy!

Initially, I was sadder about the chocolate, because seriously? I am a chocoholic. But it's the no tomatoes thing that is making me most sad. I've even dreamed about eating tomatoes the last couple nights. :( You can kind of see exactly how I feel here right when the time counter reads 3:03. (Brian Regan is great, he's absolutely hilarious and his humor is really clean.

Sad face.

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