Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'll Meet Your Belt and Raise You a T-shirt . . .

Last night my roommate and I were over at a guys' apartment because we were going to play game of some sort. Through the course of waiting for everyone to show up, it got to the point where it was just me and her sitting there in the apartment, with no one that lived there present. Just then, Bishop showed up looking for the engaged tenant, Mike.

Bishop: So are you just moving in here?

Me: No. We were going to play card games or something and then everyone just kind of drifted off and it ended up just being me and Char.

Bishop: Well as long as you aren't going to play Texas Hold 'em that's fine.

Thinking it was odd that he would veto one specific type of poker and not mention the others... Me: No Texas Hold 'em, OK. Can we play other kinds of poker?

Bishop: Sure, as long as you keep your clothes on!

At which point I died laughing.


Jen said...

LOL...I didn't know you could blog from the other side, cool. When's your funeral?

Eris said...

ha ha, hilarious. I had to come back to write this of course. :P

Jen said...

I know, I'm so funny.

My humor would be better served ifyou actually updated your blog more often though.... :D