Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Scotland Here I Come!

So I've been thinking lately about my obsession with Scotland. It's rather unexplained. I haven't read a lot about it, or seen a lot of movies about it. Basically, all I have to go on is that kilts are hot (or they can be), bagpipes are amazing, ancient castles are cool, and the accents are awesome. I don't even really know that much about Scotland. Aside from where it is on a map, and that's it's green and pretty there.

I finally decided to do some investigating. Part of this was inspired by an early Christmas present from my roommate. A book entitled "My Heart's in the Lowlands: Ten Days in Bonny Scotland" by Liz Curtis Higgs. It's awesome. It's basically a step by step description of a trip to Scotland. The cover is gorgeous and it has some cool illustrations.

I also remembered that two years ago while doing a project for a genealogy class, I ran across some people from Scotland in my ancestry. I recall it being just one or two and that the research for that line ended there. So I set out to do some work.

I remembered it was on my paternal grandfather's side of the family. From there I didn't have much else. I set to work on to solve the mystery. I found that I am related to Henry I King of England, whose father was William the Conqueror. I am also related to Charlemange, some Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Finish royalty, a bunch of Welsh people, and bunch of French people (which I was rather unaware of, so a bit of a shock there, I'll have to stop making fun of the French), some Italian royalty, and oddly enough, Old King Cole. I don't remember his real name, as I was laughing when I saw the "Old King Coel" part. He lived sometime around the year 125. I was getting really frustrated to not be finding any Scots.

I finally in an act of desperation typed in my great-grandmother Josephine Wing. And lo and behold! Scotland!

It took me three hours of searching to discover one of the coolest things (I think) about my ancestry. I am a descendant of Malcolm III King of Scotland, and a bunch of other Scottish people, (many of them from Galloway, which is in the Lowlands) mostly royalty. Why is this so amazing? First off, I can finally claim with confidence Scottish ancestry. Second, I am not only part Scottish, I am part Scottish royalty. Third, Malcolm III was fictionalized in Shakespeare's play Macbeth, which is one of my favorites.

This explains many things. Maybe it is my Scottish blood that is calling out for me to return to my homeland. That is why I am so darn obsessed with something I know so little about. It also supports my obsession with Shakespeare. Hey, it's in my blood. I also have a pretty good excuse to go there now. I could do more research on that line. It only goes about ten generations prior to Malcolm III.

Mostly though, I'm just happy that I can say I'm part Scottish. It's like a dream come true.


Jen said...

Funny, the Scottish blood is calling you, the Swedish is calling me.

Kilts are hot? TMI.

Eris said...

Yeah, well the Swedish actually makes more sense, as we are at least 1/8 Swedish. The Scottish part is way far back, but it's calling!

And kilts are way hot! Or they can be. I don't just any guy can make it work, but the ones that can? Oh baby! :P

Dee said...

Scotland is beautiful---we were there in 2004--I wish I could trace my Scottish ancestry but since I was adopted and they wont give me my birth mothers name all I know is Im Scottish

Is this Dunnotter Castle?


~ Cindy Michele ~ said...

If you want more things Scottish I recommend reading "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon. It is a very well done historical fiction with the main character from the 1940's who went back 200 years by accidently falling through stones on a fairy hill. The author researches EVERYTHING to death so be assured of historical accuracies.

Anonymous said...

Hey my Dads family is mostly scottish royalty and is also mentioned in shakespeares Macbeth! Small world.

Dee said...

The Outlander series is wonderful--They are long books but she does do a great job of research.

Elizabeth said...

You should totally go. I read Outlander sevral years back, and it made me think "Aren't I Scottish or something?" After lots of genealogical research, I found out I am about 99% Scottish, English, Irish, and Welsh back at least 1000 years, and before that most family lines were ancient peoples. I had no idea, but so much of myself made sense all of a sudden. I went to England (left London for the first time) Scotland and Wales in 2003 for two weeks, and it was absolutely amazing. I could feel the ancient magic of the Scottish soil pulsating all around me, and through me. I can't wait to go back. I have traveled all over the world, but Scotland remains a very special place for me. You should go, no matter how hard it is to save, if you go alone, or if all you take is a backpack. Go. It might change your life. If you want to see my pics from that trip, they are at my webshots. I had a short trip, and dismal weather, so the photos are nothing to some other friends'. So, this is an example of a less than ideal trip, and it was freaking awesome. And yes, kilts are hot!! The Scotland part begins with this photo, and continues into the next album. There is a running commentary of my trip below the photo a bit.