Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mind Meld

Somewhere between my dad waking me up at six and actually getting up I had a dream.

I was trapped on one side of a river and my only escape from a very strange world was on the other side. I also stumbled into something that I shouldn't have and somehow ended up with a small symbol etched on my arm. As I was trying to find my way over the river, which was not only deep itself, but had very steep sides, I came across a shape shifting guy that knew how to remove the symbol from my arm. It involve a strange creature the size and shape of a large marble that rolled itself across my skin and then returned to the shape shifter and placed the symbol on his arm instead. He was covered in all sorts of these strange markings.

Somehow I came to the conclusion that the only way to get across the river was by becoming covered in these symbols. I was immediately attacked by the marble things and was coated in small blue etchings. Then I flew to the other side of the river.

Oddly enough, once on the other side of the river I met Spock (I'm a nerd ok?) who informed me that I couldn't leave this place with these markings on me. He then proceeded to do the Vulcan Mind Meld on me (yeah I wasn't too enthused about that), at which point I lost consciousness (yes, while dreaming).

When I came to the symbols were all along the river bank etched into stones and I was surrounded by many Star Trek characters, and other characters from sci-fi fame. Spock told me that I had defiled their sacred river and I would have to atone for my crimes! I had the choice between being stabbed to death or to not speak until the next full moon. If I spoke I would immediately die. For some reason this all made sense and I agreed to it. (Now everyone knows that although I think Spock is awesome, I am afraid of him murdering me for some unknown reason, that is still somehow logical).

I woke up because my mom wanted me to come make waffles for breakfast. I was still in the middle of the discussion about me dying when I woke up, so I was still somehow convinced that I would die if I said anything. It took me until I was dressed and had my contacts in to I realize that it wasn't all real and I could talk if I wanted.

The full moon aspect makes sense, as does Spock (somewhat) and shape shifters. What I don't understand is how my not speaking meant anything.


Matt said...

Maybe you talk too much.

Eris said...

ha ha very funny

Jen said...

Oooh interesting dream. Some pretty powerful symbols in there too.

Feelings of being Trapped
Markings-as something good it would be something to learn, as something bad it could represent seeking openmindedness, or it could represent sin. What the specific marking looked like may be useful too.
River as a bridge between stages in live
Savior/Atonement/Power Figures
Silence=Life--interesting symbol there.

What are you afraid of saying? What do you feel is trapping you? What do you feel you need to gain to pass to the next stage of your life?

Sometimes I have dreams that I remember very vividly and that are powerfully symbolic. I always remember them in great detail, and by carefully considering the symbols it helps me to figure out what my psyche is trying to teach me...pick up your copy of Women Who Run With the Wolves, because there is some interesting symbology in there. Also at the library there are dream dictionaries, which usually are way off, but sometimes looking up what something is considered symbolic of will lend you clues. But some of your symbols were told to you in your dream-that you must be quiet or you will die for instance.

What are you afraid of saying, and to what authority figure are you afraid of saying it to?

There's also the dichotomy presented between dependences on others & fear of very interesting.

Given your life circumstances right now, I'm having flashbacks.