Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Here are some poems I wrote for my poetry class. Enjoy and please leave me comments! All comments are welcome!

Being Serious

It’s hard to talk when I hear these things from

you. My throat gets too tight to breathe, and I

can’t think of the words that will make you come

back to me again. I don’t want to cry

in front of you, but I can’t stop the tears

that are already tracing down my cheek.

I can see that it hurts, those crazy fears

that you aren’t strong enough. When you speak

of knowing what it is I want; a guy

to hug and whisper in my ear, someone

I can trust, I want to know why

that can’t be you. You want to be the one.

So hold me close and keep me safe. I know

you and I want the same thing. Please don’t go.


faces become painted masks
and eyes are broken window glass

words bubble up

trapped behind immovable lips

leaving words to dissolve

unspoken, unexplained

leaving unshed tears

to trace new drops of paint

alone in silence


Like shadowed, phantom limbs

I feel you there.

Still there, still there

But when I look there remains only a void.

I can’t get up from this wheelchair

You’ve left me in.

You’re gone, you’re gone,

A missing piece of who I’m supposed to be.

This hand, this foot, arm, leg,

Leaving me a soul-lost cripple,

No heart, no heart,

And yet, I feel it beating.

No hope now, but prosthetic parts,

A shattered breathless shadow

Of me, of you,

The pain exquisite in its sweet torture.


Char said...

The last one kind of feels like a song. . . I can almost hear the music just reading through it. :)

Jen said...

I love your poems!