Monday, April 28, 2008

911 . . . it seems easy, but when it comes right down to it?

Today I was driving to church with my brother. We're just driving along and suddenly this lady on the sidewalk collapsed right as we drove past. We were both just kind of stunned. What do we do? Should we stop? Call 911? Pray?

We ascertained that someone else had stopped, so leaving our minds at ease. Except for one thing: How do you actually make a 911 call? I'd never done it, he'd never done it, we really had just no clue. The problem in my mind wasn't the calling for help itself, but more just describing the location as would have to be done since we would be calling from a cell phone.

It's something I thought about all through church. If I had had to make that call, would it have turned into this big jumbled mess? Would they have understood what I was saying? Would they have come to the right place?

I just wish I knew what happened to the woman, and if she was ok.

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Jen said...

Some cell phones don't have 911 service. It's a good idea to get the number for the local PD and have it with you, in case you need it.